🔥🔥 Technical dynamics 🔥🔥1. Complete the mobile wallet to support the development of various Tokens in the Token chain. Java Util supports the Token chain.2. Start preparing for the Token chain deployment;3. Create a multi-sign wallet on the mobile side to increase the creation and mnemonic export function by importing mnemonics;4. Mobile wallet ID function integration;5. Main chain optimized post stress test and SPV light node pressure test;6. The main chain supports DPOS super node registration, cancellation, and voting;7. The main chain adds support for locking related OP_CODE for interfacing with other chains;8. The main chain blockchain browser corrects the problem that too many transactions on the address cannot be displayed normally, and optimizes the transaction query, and modifies the main chain blockchain browser corresponding to the new version of the main chain node;9. DPOS logging interface adjustment and related database operations are added to implement DPOS abnormal state recovery related processes;10. The ETHEREUM side chain basically runs through the cross-chain transfer process, and the next step is to coordinate with the main chain voting;11. Implement Elastos Runtime rights management;12. Add plugins that require Built-in support to the Elastos Runtime project to begin plugin compatibility and thread model validation;13. Upgrade the Elastos Carrier base library version and upgrade Bootstraps synchronously;14. The new Carrier Group API is merged into the trunk, and the Android SDK supports the Group API.15. Add a carrier Android SDK session part of the unit test case set;16. Add a crawler crawler to collect the number of DHT active nodes in the carrier.17. Carrier OS SDK repository integration supports Trivis CI and revise test cases for Windows platforms;18. Start the Elastos Storage agent for IPFS Cluster development;19. Complete the Storage Cluster node function adjustment.

Elastos Ethereumサイドチェーンに基づく最初のドメイン名投資アプリケーションCryptoNameが登場します!オンラインになって数日で500以上の名前が登録されました。 ユーザーは、CryptoNameを介してウォレットアドレスをバインドするか、DID、電子メール、およびWebサイトにバインドできます。 100%の所有権はユーザーに属し、個人の財産になります。CryptoNameにドメイン名を登録して将来に投資します〜今すぐ名前を登録し、twitterを転送して50%近くの払い戻しを受けてください登録クリック: