To transfer digital assets peer to peer on the Internet, one must transfer code which runs the digital assets as well. Elastos is an open source virtual machine OS, which is not only essential to fend off viruses and network attacks, but also critical to enforce scarcity of digital assets created by the blockchain.

I think ELA is huge, so I will have majority in ELA. Like NEO for ICOs, otherwise I am not a fan of NEO Blockchain, GAS will be super useful with NEX and it grows faster in the bull run than NEO as per my analysis.

its just that its not just an erc20 or a nep 5 token so like nano and neo ela has their own blockchain which makes it a tad difficult to get added on exchanges

1. Good Questions. In fact, the TCP tokens are utilities of the ecosystems, which capture the transaction cost and information costs of the housing credit systems in TCP. Information allows markets to make deals, such as leasing, is real and valuable information. We found in the Chinese market that the real information for each property is worth $500. This is the true cost of multi-party collaboration in this market. However, there are many false and inaccurate messages that hinder the transaction. so, the market now is inefficical TCP motivates all entities involved in collaboration in this ecosystem, not in a single entity, and it resturcture the producing and processing of infomation. TCP built the infrastructure to find this valuable information. As more value information is captured, more transactions and property leases take place in this economic system, the value of each TCP is also increasing. 2.The TCC captures the value of lease assets and rental payments. TCC are localized solutions. We will cooperate with the Ulink in China. In the United States, we are also looking for local real estate brokerage agencies to promote . Many applications in different countries are also advancing and improving. 3. In the application of blockchain, we can hardly find a project that has a more sophisticated economic mechanism than we have.We are very advanced in terms of concept and understanding. Now we just need to implement them.😏

That's great but koinex is better than zebpay to start with as it has more coin's.

Agree but Zebpay has far more volume & customer base. Any exchange will consider us seriously if we are able to provide market making both online and offline (customer meets, hackathons, etc etc). I think this will happen in due course. Eagerly waiting for OS launch. ELA is much more than a must people dont understand the tech. Once OS is out, people need not understand the tech. They can play with front end and visualize their Dapps

Cool, Thanks. I can learn blockchain till then. Do you recommend any website so that I can get my foot wet

they give you a very realistic perspective without sugar coatings on blockchain

I mean It doesnt have to be from this group. They can be local people intrested in blockchain or developement of Dapps in the future and so on

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No problem! Everyone is remembered here :)

Thank you. Looking forward. India is warming up to Blockchain. Some state govt (Andra, Telengana, Maharashtra ) and Niti Ayog (Planning comission) are extremely positive. Recently Prime Minister introduced bigger financing scheme for startups. As a country we are in a difficult spot as a lot of ponzi schemes in cryto led to massive frauds. Most recent one siphoned off 75 mn USD. So, there is lack of warmth wrt Crypto in power corridors. Genuine work that Elastos is doing can change that impression if key people in govt and burecracy get to hear how a genuine project can make a large scale impact. Elastos may like to be speaker in some of the big conferences in India on Fintech and Blockchain

Elastos evangelist "Clarence" with our Social Blockchain Team! (Indian Ecosystem)

Devs of Social Blockchain Team from VVIT were attending...

Devs of Social Blockchain Team (Elastos Indian Community) with Rong Chen during the sidelines of one year anniversary event at Thailand.

Imo that's about the value we deliver the innovation we offer to the society . We are in early stages of this blockchain era . And personallly i am a long term hodler and only invest in fundamentally strong cryptos ..... So gonna hodl each and every one of my coins till mass adoption.

Gandhi in Beijing - Part 2 Today i had the chance to visit the Elastos office in Beijing and meet the whole blockchain team. Some of them i have already met in Chiang Mai at the anniversary event and it was very exciting to meet them again and have a talk. I was greeted by Cheng Hao who is working for the Chinese PR department and he showed me around the office and introduced me to everyone. Elastos is located in a kind of accelarator space with many different tech companies, called Plug and Play, and has 3 offices on 2 floors. Everyone was very welcoming although they were very busy working on developing Elastos. Different teams were working on different projects like the SPV wallet, DPOS and other things. Alex, who was one of the first employees of the Elastos blockchain team sat down with me and explained to me how DPOS will work and why it is so important for the ecosystem. In short, we need DPOS for main chain <-> sidechain transactions to make sure that no transactions on either of the respective chains can be reverted due to a fork. This would be a huge problem because it could lead to a situation where a transaction could be rolled back on the main chain but not on the sidechain which would mean that the same ELA exist on the main chain and on a sidechain at the same time. This must be prevented, otherwise this would create new ELA without them being mined in a new block. Afterwards i sat down with Cheng Hao and we talked about the community for almost 2 hours and shared ideas on how we can bring together the Chinese and international communities which are kind of seperated at the moment with only very limited points of contact. We agreed on the need to have better communication between the two groups and we will work hard on improving this in the future. I am very glad that i had the chance to talk to him and thus opening a new channel to the Chinese community which will make it much easier and less complicated to exchange ideas, thoughts and share the feeling in our respective communities. What happened next was a big surprise to me. I met both Feng Han and Fay Li, i had no idea that they were in Beijing at the same time as me. Unfortunately Feng only had a few minutes time to talk but i‘m sure i will meet him again in Switzerland and we will have more time for discussions then. Fay, Cheng Hao, Alex, Jiawei Chen and me went for dinner together and a bit later we were joined by Kelvin Wong from the bit game team. The food was amazing, the accompaniement was even better. Thanks again for everything, all of you are great and i am really proud to be a part of this journey, together with you! Onward! Upward! Elastos!

Bhai apne yaha ke engineer aise hai ke mene BTC ke bareme bataya to blockchain ko samaz hi nahi paye MLM bolte hai 😜

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Apne aap ko bitbns owner bol raha hai and itna time kahase milta hai ladhne ke liye? Time hai to logo ko educated karo, government ko blockchain sikhao Lado mat scammer se

Delighted to share this on behalf of Social Blockchain Team of VVIT. Thanks @Mahadev1114 for your support and encouragement😊

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Creadits mainet soon aim is to reach 1 million tx per second fastest blockchian in crypto

1 million tx/s would not only make them the fastest blockchain but would also make them the fastest payment solution in the world, including centralized solutions such as alipay, visa, etc. I very highly doubt they will have 1 million tx/s

How will they make it work on a blockchain?

Hidden Gem💎💎
Creadits mainet soon aim is to reach 1 million tx per second fastest blockchian in crypto

Reaching 1mill TPS/sec is highly improbable and be decentralized at the same time, well at least at this stage. Its data distribution is compromised and becomes centralizedPlus, TPS centric blockchains will no longer be the selling point in near future in my personal opinion because we already have centralized solutions for this

Blockchains must showcase a real use case as the market is maturing

To achieve 1mill in a blockchain we have a long long way to go I think. We are barely touching 1000

If not even centralized solutions come close to 1M tps how should a decentralized blockchain achieve this?

Can we start developing dapps on elastos blockchain yet?

I'm with user name SBTMentor (Social Blockchain Team Mentor)👆

In the blockchain explorer you will only see addresses which have already been used in the past. When you generate a new address this happens on your device and is only recorded on the blockchain once you send some coins to this address

Main Net Upgrade AnnouncementThe Elastos Blockchain Team will upgrade the main net node from March 29th - 2:00AM UTC to March 30th - 10:00AM UTC (32 hours).During this upgrade process, the web wallet, SPV and Elephant wallet, blockchain browser and sidechain services will be suspended or unable to update data. After the upgrade is completed, the related services will return to normal functionality. Upon completion, the consensus mode on Elastos main net will be changed from AUXPoW that enables merge mining with BTC to AUXPoW+DPoS.Elastos Blockchain TeamMar 28, 2019

FishChain Explores the Innovative Model of Cooperation between Public Blockchain and Blockchain-Based GamesBeijing, 27th March 2019 – FishChain had announced its participation in the Elastos DPoS Supernode election. The 5,000 ELA that needs to be locked in for DPoS supernode election will be raised from the community members via public auction of 25 gold ELA node fishes with ultra high computing power and high collection value. Once the ELA fish node is elected as an DPoS node, all rewards received by the node annually will be added to the ELA mining pool for distribution among miners. Meanwhile, anyone who purchases the 25 commemorative gold ELA node fishes will be named as one of the “25 Founders”and will be eligible to share any subsequent ELA rewards generated from the gameplay. The auction will start at 10pm on 2nd April, Beijing time. It is reported that the recent eco-game cooperation between FishChain and the NEOFISH from NEO ecosystem are gradually unveiling its mystery. The co-founder and CEO of FishChain, Jingyi Li, will attend “NEO JOY 2019”event which is hosted by NEO and will be held in Beijing on 20th April. NEOFISH will also be officially launched on Facebook in June 2019, showing its unique charm to 2.2. billion gamers worldwide.Official website: https://fishchain. io/

✨ Elastos was also invited to attend the 2019 Asia Pacific Blockchain New Financial Summit·Singapore Station ✨From April 11th to 12th, the 2019 Chain Plus Asia Pacific Blockchain New Financial Summit will kick off in Singapore. Following the recent participation of Token 2049 (the grand opening of TOKEN 2049, and the attention of the cloud venue ), this will be the return of the cloud to the international market.The summit will focus on the theme of [New Era of BlockchaininDigital Finance], and the co-founder Han Feng will participate in the roundtable discussion and discuss the blockchain topic with a number of heavyweight guests.It is understood that this conference brings together more than 100 companies in the blockchain finance industry chain in 12 countries and regions, including 150 head offices such as JP Morgan Chase, Temasek and GIC. It is an international regulatory, legislative and business investment opportunity. A top feast in the blockchain industry.The conference will focus on the blockchain layout of traditional financial institutions and the application of the latest results, the exploration of blockbuster technology in international high-traffic platforms, and the global payment technology innovation solution based on blockchain technology, and the STO in the new industry. The discussion on the distribution of the stable coin industry chain and the development of global blockchain digital asset management, and the discussion of the technology of blockchain supervision in various countries have been widely discussed.

Active in twitter. Some scamster has used your social blockchain event photos n has commented badly about elastos.