Just confirmed with team, tv boxes are not available for India as of now.

Even I would love to setup a carrier nose, I am running Windows 10


Take a lool at this article, it‘s very easy to set up a carrier node on windows 10 🙂

Gandhi 🇨🇭
I don‘t know of anyone tbh but it would be great to have an SN in india

Hey, What does it take. We truly need a SN in India. And also carrier network

hey when big other exchanges?

Anyone from Rohtak, Haryana

why elastos mooning

Is Niranjana here in this group?

Mahadev Vasireddy
Whats up buddy?

If i make an elastos wallet and didn't make any transaction on that wallet...can i still see it on the elastos explorer?

Mahadev Vasireddy
Yes sir!

But its not working for me... instead of showing any details its says "no matching records found"

Oh I think it means no records of transactions found

E Crypto

@Gandhi13 lets see if he knows about it

In the blockchain explorer you will only see addresses which have already been used in the past. When you generate a new address this happens on your device and is only recorded on the blockchain once you send some coins to this address

Bigp 🌗🌕🌓 sn:EnterElastos pool t.me/EnterElastos

But withdrawal is closed

Main Net Upgrade AnnouncementThe Elastos Blockchain Team will upgrade the main net node from March 29th - 2:00AM UTC to March 30th - 10:00AM UTC (32 hours).During this upgrade process, the web wallet, SPV and Elephant wallet, blockchain browser and sidechain services will be suspended or unable to update data. After the upgrade is completed, the related services will return to normal functionality. Upon completion, the consensus mode on Elastos main net will be changed from AUXPoW that enables merge mining with BTC to AUXPoW+DPoS.Elastos Blockchain TeamMar 28, 2019

And i m also using old wallet of elastos which i was downloaded from github do u think its still safe to save my ela

I m using this wallet is it safe

Why houbi stop withdrawal for ela i have to save in wallet

FishChain Explores the Innovative Model of Cooperation between Public Blockchain and Blockchain-Based GamesBeijing, 27th March 2019 – FishChain had announced its participation in the Elastos DPoS Supernode election. The 5,000 ELA that needs to be locked in for DPoS supernode election will be raised from the community members via public auction of 25 gold ELA node fishes with ultra high computing power and high collection value. Once the ELA fish node is elected as an DPoS node, all rewards received by the node annually will be added to the ELA mining pool for distribution among miners. Meanwhile, anyone who purchases the 25 commemorative gold ELA node fishes will be named as one of the “25 Founders”and will be eligible to share any subsequent ELA rewards generated from the gameplay. The auction will start at 10pm on 2nd April, Beijing time. It is reported that the recent eco-game cooperation between FishChain and the NEOFISH from NEO ecosystem are gradually unveiling its mystery. The co-founder and CEO of FishChain, Jingyi Li, will attend “NEO JOY 2019”event which is hosted by NEO and will be held in Beijing on 20th April. NEOFISH will also be officially launched on Facebook in June 2019, showing its unique charm to 2.2. billion gamers worldwide.Official website: https://fishchain. io/

Elastos ka rate future me kitna Ja sakta he 5 saal ke baad?

✨ Elastos was also invited to attend the 2019 Asia Pacific Blockchain New Financial Summit·Singapore Station ✨From April 11th to 12th, the 2019 Chain Plus Asia Pacific Blockchain New Financial Summit will kick off in Singapore. Following the recent participation of Token 2049 (the grand opening of TOKEN 2049, and the attention of the cloud venue ), this will be the return of the cloud to the international market.The summit will focus on the theme of [New Era of BlockchaininDigital Finance], and the co-founder Han Feng will participate in the roundtable discussion and discuss the blockchain topic with a number of heavyweight guests.It is understood that this conference brings together more than 100 companies in the blockchain finance industry chain in 12 countries and regions, including 150 head offices such as JP Morgan Chase, Temasek and GIC. It is an international regulatory, legislative and business investment opportunity. A top feast in the blockchain industry.The conference will focus on the blockchain layout of traditional financial institutions and the application of the latest results, the exploration of blockbuster technology in international high-traffic platforms, and the global payment technology innovation solution based on blockchain technology, and the STO in the new industry. The discussion on the distribution of the stable coin industry chain and the development of global blockchain digital asset management, and the discussion of the technology of blockchain supervision in various countries have been widely discussed.https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/GrZPY0NcOBOu99cLTidjyA