"supergroup"........we already were one 😅

hi andy! how is it going

Happy to be part of the Indian group as a European! 😁

Happy to be part of the Indian group as a European! 😁

haha its supposed to act as a brainchild of indian community that anyone can take advantage of

Hey @Ranveer_Crypto ! welcome bro

Thanks @Cryptorise for the link.

Ranveer Crypto yogi
Thanks Mahadev 😎

welcome any other friends of yours aswell. soon we will be going to do give aways and other intresting stuff

nice we have a cloud architect here!

Today is a great day, the sun has finally arrived in the northern hemisphere, it’s Friday and I just joined this group that will make Elastos known to more people! Keep it up guys!!!

Ranveer Crypto yogi
Give aways why bro?

to get attention that elastos ecosystem deserves. give aways doesnt need to be done for free. we can design some contests and then gift the winners and good performers with give aways.

I am thinking of some and i would love you guys to give out any ideas that can be used to build our ecosystem.

thanks man but please use gifs to the very minimum possible. would like this to be more of a professional group than just some random crypto group.

any important questions regarding ela or anything related to it?. I will head to bed if no questions

TCP also associated with elastic?

What could be price of TCp

Hello, dear friends.

Yes, I just had dinner.

I have dedicated several hours to the Huawei subject. I cannot find Any indicators to which point to any partner. However. The only! Co they have visited. Which is customary if new partnerships is Elastos. I am hopeful to find more leads. I’ll keep you posted. Please if anyone else has info that leads to facts on this. Lmk. This is the type of info that if true. Posted to internet would get huge international attention. Such as maybe being able to get on news media as well as Reddit front page etc.

TCP also associated with elastic?

yes its once of the very early projects being built on elastos chain

@njavic22 welcome mate!

Hi Mahadev!

Thank you 🤗

Mahadev Vasireddy
i think so too but they actually never agreed to partner up right?

I have seen no official statement. Only conjecture. But there is definitely smoke. I just can’t find the fire.