Great demo of the upcoming Devault dapp

Thanks. Its more like a password manager. Except its built on blockchain so there are no centralized structure. Down the line, I am planning to add the ability to add files, signed documents, images, etc.. which can be called as Digital assets is what i meant.

Macht der eigentlich auch dieses für elastOS

Users should be able to create vaults within the app where the sensitive content like passwords and passphrase will be encrypted with the private key and / or user provided password and written to the ELA blockchain. Hence there will be one passphrase that the user wants to keep secure which the ELA wallet in the app. This passphrase along with the user provided password would help them to read and decrypt the other password or passphrase information from the blockchain.

was ich bisher gefunden habe in der discuss.elapp

Das coole ist echt, dass man sich gar nicht mit blockchain programmieren und Co sich auskennen muss...ela ist zu 100% superior

Also nie 😅😅😂😂

Daher schau lieber in 5 Jahren nochmal rein 🙄

Nach all den Datenleaks in der letze Zeit sollten manche merken das wir einen in den Code eingebunden Datenschutz brauchen und nicht nur Gesetze

wenn tinder uf elastos :P
Daher schau lieber in 5 Jahren nochmal rein 🙄

Ja sehe ich auch so Elastos ist seiner Zeit voraus ist und der Mehrheit noch verstehen muss, was mit ihren Daten angestellt wird.

Kann es sein das sich die btc Adresse von Elephant ändert? Dachte ist ein Single Adress Wallet..

Guys, I will start some topics next week. It will cover the status and progress of several important ecosystem projects, especially Leo on Elastos. It's the distributed trusted environment for data asset capitalization. we will also discuss why DMA's data asset management is tightly combined with Leo's strategy. DMA team participated in all these for months. we have stories and thoughts to share. we believe this is right direction for eco grow. As CRC election is on the way, DMA supernode team also plan to participate. there are some hot topics going on. Instead of discussing in many groups, I'd like to discuss with you about DMA team's opinion and the thoughts behind it at here. Please use this group for this topic as well. In our opinion, the 'burn and burn rate' decision is the result based on deep analysis, we need to analyze the causes with numbers first. one of the most important aspect is the strategy for eco grow. DMA team participated in ecosystem dev passionately in past 2 years. We can share what we learned from it and discuss the future overall eco grow strategy. It's important to be open to all kinds of opinions and solutions. The ultimate goal is to make Elastos successful, and we also make fortune from ELA value. So, the global community consensus is the most important goal.Pls grab ppl to our group ( if they are interested in these topics.Brian

Just pushed a small update with Playchat dApp, you can login with DID, and play Flappy bird 😁 more games will be available in the future + be able to chat and play with friends - make sure you try and let me know if the game is crashing on your device (I want to try a new game engine, so I need to push the update before a major update in Q2)

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