Weet iemand hoe het sit met die 31 miljoen die Foxconn geïnvesteerd heeft in elastos ?

Dat was van een vorige "versie" van Elastos. Rong heeft in 2013 als ik me niet vergis in het jaar, 31m usd ontvangen van Foxconn om een iot OS te creeeren uiteindelijk is daar verder niks mee gebeurd en in 2015 is dat stop gezet. In 2016 heeft hij blockchain leren kennen, en toen kwamen de tokensales in 2017 en 2018. Die investering van Foxconn heeft buiten eventuele tweaks van het huidige "Elastos OS" dus niks meer te maken met het huidige Elastos.

Met ela kreeg je extra tokens

Haha jullie hebben helemaal gelijk👌 ik kan me nog herinneren dat Kelvin en Eric mij over de ELA actie aan het vertellen waren op de blockchain expo in london afgelopen april😅

Eigenlijk elke crypto waarvan men vermoed dat er illegale praktijken plaatsvinden buiten tech en blockchain om = illegale crypto

Ze kunnen rekken wat ze willen, fud verspreiden als een malle, maar blockchain is here to stay.

Las trouwens vanochtend dat Elastos in de top 100-Chinese Blockchain projecten is gekozen?

I also came to the cloud to provoke the banner of the second generation of the Internet. This discussion with Mr. Chen Rong also came to the cloud. Foxconn invested 200 million yuan. I don’t know why, I stopped investing. I am in Shanghai with Mr. Chen Rong. Discussing the blockchain, the main discussion of Ethereum, Chen Rong teacher is worthy of the big business of the It industry, when it is very clear that the Ethereum software design issues are very clear, first of all, recognize that Ethereum is a global Internet On the computer, it is a very inefficient computer, because it requires thousands of nodes, even tens of thousands of nodes to synchronize!Teacher Chen Rong accurately stated that the actual blockchain system design relies on the idea of ​​sacrificing computational efficiency to gain trust. Like Bitcoin to locate gold on the Internet, the large-scale running dapp on Ethereum will be very large. The problem, how to do it, then Chen Rong told me about the design of ela, the initial virtual machine, including the data isolation box, are designed outside the chain, ela this project was launched nearly 20 years ago, In 2000, there was no blockchain at that time, so there was no delay in relying on efficiency to gain trust. The idea was to establish a decentralized, point-to-point communication network to protect users' privacy and rights. Protecting user data through virtual machines, Mr. Chen Rong's design is that the Internet does not calculate, the calculation does not go online, to isolate possible virus attacks, and now any app on the Internet can be converted into a virus attack, and there is no security at all. That is, the user's private data is completely exposed to the entire Internet dividend. Now want to be safe, everyone can only believe in Ali or Tencent. Later, after I understood the introduction, in March 2017, I communicated with Teacher Chen Rong. The ela combined blockchain can solve the problem of Ethereum design and expand the credibility to the whole Internet. Not only in the blockchain, we discuss clearly. After 2017, I decided to restart ela, using ela advantages, combining blockchain, intelligent browser, and later developing the Chinese community, foreign communities, everyone is more supportive, all are relatively smooth, ela's basic concept is accepted by everyone, the international community My friends are also taking a lot of ela videos, which makes us very surprised. In the first half of this year, there was a video that was very hot. Introducing ela, the ideal of ela, the concept is well summarized, and the future prospects are very well-recognized. Also very touched, the power of the community is strong.Everyone summed up so well, better than our own summary, especially put forward a focus, the modern Internet, simple and image, in November, I continued three blockchain activities at MIT, as well as the college internal exchange meeting I have participated, including the Huawei Chengdu Research Institute, and the Boston Research Institute has listened. I am inspired by the concept of modern Internet, and I will finish the 20-year process of Chen Rong’s teaching. Later, everyone is more clear, combined with the blockchain, the story is complete and three-dimensional, the development of the second generation of the Internet, can not protect user data, privacy, all controlled by several large Internet companies, ordinary users can not benefit, this is extremely unfair The data can't become the wealth of everyone, can't become the wealth of everyone, and the security can't talk about it. Finally, the logic of ela can be said in the concept of the second generation Internet. What is more gratifying is the world. Many people are also making similar appeals, the most famous being Tim Berners-Lee, the founder of the first generation of Internet, he invented www, saying that he is revolution He is the father of the Internet. He caused great repercussions after MIt’s speech.I think this is a global and universal value, so Chen Rong wanted to develop a distributed, decentralized, point-t

o-point operating system that protects user privacy data 20 years ago. The ideal of the Internet, which is of global significance, especially valuable is the teacher Chen Rong and the old ela team. Everyone has adhered to the ideal of 20 years. In the very difficult circumstances, they still adhere to the ideal, in the absence of funds. Next, Chen Rong sold his ancestral home in Yunnan around May 2008. This not only touched the Chinese, but also touched many Americans at MItT, and immediately agreed to build a second-generation Internet together. The speech gave me a special encouragement. The global values ​​and ideals are common. The banner of the second generation Internet is very appealing. Now the Internet has been leaking, including the scandal of Facebook last year. Was fined 90 million US dollars in Europe, similar to the old Internet, and can not protect user privacy and data, nor can it become wealth, ela as the second generation Internet, combined zone The blockchain can do this. I feel that I have found a goal. Later, at a meeting, I reached a consensus smoothly. I also attended ela in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Hainan. The response was very good. In Hainan, my idol Jim Rogers presented me with the award for the Blockchain Outstanding Talent Award. I am also pleased that the Manhattan Project, a fund established in New York, and the fund we established with Firecoin, found a very good in New York. The peer-to-peer communication company, I have talked about it, and I haven’t signed it yet. There are already tens of millions of users in this project. The name I don’t have now, it may be announced in a few days. In a few days, there will be a major strategic cooperation release. On February 1st, the World Bank will establish a second-generation Internet exchange, and the cloud super-node campaign will be in preparation. Other developments will be carried out in a normal and orderly manner. A project that has no layoffs in a bear market.

ios Elephant update: v1.2 Jan 29, 20191. Support ELA DID (unique blockchain ID)2. Support 3rd party authorization with ELA DID3. Added the entry for "Create an ELA red packet"4. Fixed crash bug when certain language is selected

Rong chen heeft geen verstand van cryptocurrency

bold statement maar ik begrijp watje bedoeld rong is een blockchain man geen crypto man

Atilla is een prima figuur, maar helaas iets te hard geraakt in deze markt, en we zien de gevolgen hier.Maar heb een andere vraag. Wie van de NL Elastos helden hier, behalve Jort, doet echt iets constructiefs voor Elastos?Wie probeert actief dapp developers binnen te halen? Wie is bezig met Dpos? Wie bouwt er al? Wíe vertelt zijn omgeving over het feit dat het oude internet vervangen gaat worden voor een veiliger internet "of wealth"?We kunnen allen iets doen, maar zitten miepen helpt niemand...

In concept al vele investeerders kennis laten maken met het concept van internet of wealth. Je wilt niet weten hoe sterk het concept is dat digitale data jouw eigendom is door blockchain. Een nieuwe Marvel film digitaal uitbrengen in 8k en dolby atmos en via viewchain of ander project 10.000 exemplaren verkopen die niet te kopiëren zijn in die kwaliteit.Dit is revolutionair. Laat het bezinken.

Als we met zn 300en via de blockchain er een smart contract van hadden gemaakt voor 1000 elastos dan werkte het wel zo. Als Je snapt wat ik nu bedoel snap je ook hoe revolutionair crypto eigenlijk is.

een adoptie is als je onbewust een dapp gebruikt en je weet niet dat het op een blockchain draait

Ela een schitterend idee, maar ik stap eruit. Ik heb geen vertrouwen in de wereldwijde uitrol ervan. Andere blockchainbedrijven heb ik voor nu een beter gevoel bij. Ik hoop dat ELA het waar kan maken maar zie zelf de adoptie niet. Goodluck to all✌️

1) Nothing is stored on elastos carrier nodes. Elastos carrier is a peer to peer communication platform that relays data from one point to another in a decentralized manner utilizing the nodes that are part of the network. Data is never ever stored on carrier nodes. That's something where elastos hive(a modified version of IPFS) will be used for. And that in itself is yet another decentralized storage network just like carrier but these are two completely separate networks. With that said, elastos blockchain is also yet another peer to peer decentralized network that is used for getting consensus on something in a decentralized manner. These involve payments between two people and/or running smart contract logic or just recording some critical data on-chain. Majority of data will of course be stored on hive which can be considered "off-chain". So, in this way, elastos utilizes the best of all worlds. Blockchain network, carrier network, hive network all serving 3 very different purpose2) Content is IN FACT distributed as I mentioned on #1 utilizing elastos hive. If you know how IPFS works, similarly, that's how hive works too. Where let's say you have a 10 GB file you want to save on a decentralized storage on elastos. Hive takes that 10GB, splits up into many smaller parts and saves each part in different node which means not all 10GB is ever stored in one node or one server. This is the very definition of decentralized plus distributed storage. Yes, you can utilize elastos carrier to build your own custom NAS that runs in your house but that's a different kind of app that anyone can build on top of elastos carrier. As far as content on elastos is concerned that majority of apps will utilize for business purposes, they will use Elastos Hive. So, as you can see, there are multiple ways to store data on elastos ecosystem. - You can build an app and a NAS type service on a computer/device that sits behind your home router with no public facing address. You can utilize carrier to do this. So, whenever you access your files on this NAS, all your communication channel is protected and relayed using elastos carrier. Elastos carrier does the heavy lifting so it automatically finds your device behind your home router. This is pretty much what makes carrier so powerful because this app can be used from anywhere in the world and you can still access all your files from anywhere - no vpn necessary- Then, there is elastos hive itself. This is a distributed and decentralized storage where big data like movies, music, or even user data can be stored utilizing the hive network. In this case, the nodes in the network are securing your data in a decentralized manner. So, while your NAS type home storage built on carrier can be used for personal use, it's not very scalable to business use case since your home bandwidth is not enough to cover huge number of users. In that case, you would use elastos carrier- Then, there are other services built on top of elastos such as Titan which is a decentralized content distributed network. You pay some fee to use their service and in return, you use their infrastructure that is distributed all over the world that helps in caching large content. So, whenever a user tries to access some file, they don't have to wait for a long time for the content to download. Instead, this network takes care of all of that so you load your content fast without a lot of downtime. And anyone can build services like these on top of carrier or on top of hive or build your own network and then hook into elastos ecosystem. But, Titan is just one example because elastos and titan are partners. Top network is another example who are also supporting elastos ecosystem

3) No, the elastos platform isn't about providing interoperability between public blockchains such as bitcoin, eth, ripple, etc. And elastos has never once claimed this at all. Instead, the platform is about utilizing a unique main chain - sidechain architecture where you can port public platforms like ethereum, neo as one of the sidechains of elastos. In fact, ethereum and neo sidechains are already built and will be released next month. This means that dapp users who are having scalibility issues or other issues on public blockchain platforms like eth, neo. It gives them an easy route to just switch to using elastos eth sidechain or neo sidechain and their app would run just fine and in return, they gain access to other services in the elastos ecosystem easily such as carrier, hive, DID sidechain, etc.4) The scalibility does NOT come from merged mining from bitcoin. It comes from the architecture of elastos - utilizing sidechains structure. Each sidechain has one purpose and nothing else. ID sidechain issues decentralized IDs to the entire ecosystem. Token sidechain helps users and dapps issue fungible and non-fungible tokens. Eth sidechain lets devs run eth compatible smart contracts on elastos. And there can even be multiple eth sidechains in the future if the demand arises. Also, one thing to keep in mind is that just because elastos is merged mined with bitcoin doesn't mean that the two blockchains are similar. In fact, the only thing that elastos gets is the hashpower of the bitcoin mining nodes. If you didn't know, even the elastos block time and bitcoin block time are different. Bitcoin is 10 minutes while elastos is 2 min. And bitcoin block stores 1 MB while elastos block stores 8 MB. And on top of that, eth sidechain runs on DPoS consensus so the block time for eth sidechain is 5 seconds. But one thing to also keep in mind is that sidechains and main chain won't be interacting often at all. In fact, sidechains will only be interacting with othter sidechains nodes to reach consensus. The only time they have to talk between sidechains and main chain is when you want to transfer asset from main chain to sidechain or sidechain to mainchain which won't happen often. So, this is a unique scalibility solution for sure if you think about it. Stay tuned for spotlight series 2 which talks all about sidechains and scalibility of elastos.5) Unfortunately, I cannot comment anything about the lawsuit6) The tox-core licensing issue has been explained before. The switch to GPLv3 is temporary until the team works on a longterm solution. The team has arleady begun development on fixing the core issues so in the future, carrier will again switch to MIT after that. I don't want to put a timeframe on this but this is happening and is already in development. It's only a matter of time. Once carrier is MIT again, we don't have to deal with this issue ever again. But the gplv3 issue is only with carrier. Everything else about elastos - like blockchains, sidechains, hive, etc are all MIT already

Technical development ~ 26/3/2019 Trinity - Porting and implementing SPV Wallet plugin, Android version has been transplanted according to the original SPV interface; application in porting - The Carrier plugin is verified on iOS and works fine. There are still some problems in the session part that need to be improved. - Review and refine the Trinity application isolation model and implementation, and constrain plug-in behavior according to the model - Standardize and improve the packaging format and content of DApp packages to prepare for DID signatures - Compile the Linux and Mac versions of SPV to sign the DApp package - Runtime provides a new interface for plugins to get the DApp's data directory and detect if there is access to the specified directory - Improve the Xcode build script and automatically add "Code sign on copy" to the used framework (this option must be added to the real machine) - Combine the function list of Launcher and new modules to plan new UI/UE designHive - Complete standard IPFS-based fuseApp application to Hive platform; support Linux/Mac platform, add documentation - Start unified Hive Storage Native API interface design - Hive Cluster test network performance test and test data collection - Hive Storage API interface design, and the design of Java bindingCarrier - Continuous Carrier Native SDK code optimization and Minor bugfix fix - Fixed a conversion issue between Java String and Native strings (mainly in the tests module) - Released a new version of Carrier Native release-v5.2.3 - Released a new version of Carrier iOS release-v5.2.2 and released the Elastos Carrier SDK to the Cocoapods platform for developers to use - Update the DittoBox iOS repository and use the Pod method instead of the Carrier Framework dependency - The offline message storage carrier part implements the verification test, and waits for the Hive storage backend test to pass before it is officially released. DPoS testing and deployment- Test arbiter mining with new keystore, and cross-chain transfer function- Regtest network deployment DPoS version, verify deployment plan and upgrade compatibility of each node- Perform multiple rollbacks on Regtest to verify the status of each node before and after H1- Conduct stress testing, cross-chain testing of multiple mines DPoS function improvement- Design and reserve a DPoS network direct connection buffer for 12 CRC nodes to transition to community election nodes-Arbiter uses a unified keystore to provide outbound services for sidechains- Optimize and improve DPoS anomaly recovery strategy SPV C++ module- Added x private key and x public key support, you can import HD cold wallet later- Fully compatible with web wallet various types of keystore (HD, HD read-only, multi-sign, multi-sign read-only) import Other- Complete Token sidechain blockchain browser information display and Beta environment server deployment onlineSource

Main Net Upgrade AnnouncementThe Elastos Blockchain Team will upgrade the main net node from March 29th - 2:00AM UTC to March 30th - 10:00AM UTC (32 hours).During this upgrade process, the web wallet, SPV and Elephant wallet, blockchain browser and sidechain services will be suspended or unable to update data. After the upgrade is completed, the related services will return to normal functionality. Upon completion, the consensus mode on Elastos main net will be changed from AUXPoW that enables merge mining with BTC to AUXPoW+DPoS.Elastos Blockchain TeamMar 28, 2019

Staat wel al op de blockchain dus zou uiteindelijk we moeten komen

People say DApps are the future. But could we come to consensus for the following two questions? (1) DApps could not be shutdown by a third party. (2) DApps, as digital assets, should preserve their value for 10 years or more, i.e., they should still run after 10 years or more.Taking Crypto Kitty for example, if the website is down, can you run your kitty? Are you sure that the kitty client app would run on a host OS in ten years? BTC blockchain has been running for more than ten years. How about Ethereum smart contracts? Asking the right questions is the first step towards solving them.Elastos is not there yet, but we are moving towards the direction to answer above questions, and the Elastos Smartweb has been running since yesterday. Hooray!

The Elastos Technology Team plans to upgrade the web wallet and blockchain browser from 3 April 2019, 1:00pm to 4 April 2019, 4:00am UTC. During the upgrade period, the Elastos web wallet and the blockchain browser will not function normally.This upgrade will fix minor bugs and inaccuracies experienced in the blockchain browser data.Elastos Technology Team April 3, 2019

✨ Elastos was also invited to attend the 2019 Asia Pacific Blockchain New Financial Summit·Singapore Station ✨From April 11th to 12th, the 2019 Chain Plus Asia Pacific Blockchain New Financial Summit will kick off in Singapore. Following the recent participation of Token 2049 (the grand opening of TOKEN 2049, and the attention of the cloud venue ), this will be the return of the cloud to the international market.The summit will focus on the theme of [New Era of BlockchaininDigital Finance], and the co-founder Han Feng will participate in the roundtable discussion and discuss the blockchain topic with a number of heavyweight guests.It is understood that this conference brings together more than 100 companies in the blockchain finance industry chain in 12 countries and regions, including 150 head offices such as JP Morgan Chase, Temasek and GIC. It is an international regulatory, legislative and business investment opportunity. A top feast in the blockchain industry.The conference will focus on the blockchain layout of traditional financial institutions and the application of the latest results, the exploration of blockbuster technology in international high-traffic platforms, and the global payment technology innovation solution based on blockchain technology, and the STO in the new industry. The discussion on the distribution of the stable coin industry chain and the development of global blockchain digital asset management, and the discussion of the technology of blockchain supervision in various countries have been widely discussed.

Elastos Main Network Upgrade AnnouncementThe Elastos blockchain development team will upgrade the mainnet node from 11:00AM to 2:00pm on April 13th (UTC Time).Wallets will not be affected during the upgrade process.This upgrade will optimize the stability of the DPOS nodes and improve the connection speed of the SPV nodes.

Elephant wallet: This was released a couple of months ago and this is a wallet for the entire elastos ecosystem because it can not only store ela, but also btc, eth, erc20 tokens, ioex in the future, and any other tokens generated via elastos token sidechain, ethereum sidechain and neo sidechain. In addition, it integrates DID and also provides a set of APIs other developers can interact with. This means that in the future, an app like hyper can integrate wallet onto their app without actually building a wallet themselves. Instead, they talk to the elephant API for wallet related interfaces so anytime someone wants to send/receive/store ELA from a different app, they're redirected to elephant wallet where the actual transaction takes place. This is to make it easy for developers. It's the same thing with how DID works. Other apps can directly use elephant wallet DID of users to integrate DID without having to implement their own complete DID login. Instead, from elephant wallet, they scan the barcode on some other app and they can login to any other apps using elephant app because they're using their same DID from their elephant wallet to login to other apps. An example of this will be the new developer portal that is being developed and maybe the CR DID login too. In short, this wallet is to make it easy for developers to integrate ELA and DID and other features of ELA easily with some APIs. Elastos Wallet: This is the new official mobile wallet from EF for both android and ios. This is also an SPV wallet so it's also decentralized and open source. Both the elastos wallet and SPV wallet use the same backend infrastructure however, the UI for Elastos Wallet is more consumer friendly and provides more features and is directly used by consumers as this wallet will also be available on app store in the future. This is the official wallet that is dedicated to only ELA. So, in the future, if there are any new features that is supported by the elastos blockchain, this wallet will be the first one to receive those updates. As an example, the supernode election is about to begin along with supernode voting and hence, this new wallet will have that feature so people can use this wallet for their supernode registration and voting. Any other wallet is free to integrate supernode election and that's up to them. Elephant wallet might receive the update but it won't be anytime soon. And maybe some community member can integrate supernode election on ledger too whenever it's available.

QB is registered in the UK, aiming as a global high-quality digital asset trading platform, and the core team members have many years of experience in trading system development, security, and blockchain. Currently, QB holds Canadian digital asset trading license.
1 van de belangrijkste graadmeters van succes zijn institutionele investeerders. Bedrijven met miljoenen en miljarden om te investeren. Pensioenfondsen. Verzekeraars etc. Etc. Zelfs overheden. Zij gaan niet traden op binance. Wel op bakkt of fidelity. En last nou net de lijst van ICE paar dagen geleden bekend gemaakt zijn. En van de max stuk of 50 crypto munten waarin zij investeren staat elastos erbij. DAAR zou je voor nu genoeg aan moeten hebben qua vertrouwen. In ieder geval als je Echt op de hoogte bent van wat ICE is sinds jaar en dag.
LavendELA 🐂🏛🇳🇱
Cryptocurrency Libra: the Good, the Bad, and the UglyLibra is een bedreiging voor de meeste crypto-projecten, voor onze privacy, voor Trump en de dollar, voor overheden, banken en het IMF. Maar niet voor Bitcoin. Libra heeft Bitcoin nodig. We zetten op een rijtje wat er goed, slecht en ronduit alarmerend is.

Mooie uiteenzetting! 👍Conclusie: Libra kan zeer goed zijn voor mass adoptie van Bitcoin en decentrale Ecosystemen zoals Elastos mergemining met Bitcoin. Minder decentrale platform munten krijgen het zwaarder EOS, XLM. XRP krijgt het waarschijnlijk zeer zwaar door Libra en ook concurrentie van Banken Blockchains met eigen coins. Ook potentiële betaalcoins LTC, BCH, BSV, DGB, DASH zullen vermoedelijk geen mass adoptie meer zien ivm opkomst Libra. Crypto's als OMG en BAX zullen lastig krijgen geadopteerd te worden in 3e wereldlanden door mega concurrentie van Libra. Ik zal mijn portfolio hierop voorbereiden. 👊

Hebben jullie admins nu serieus alle.posts van gisteren weggehaald? Wat is dit voor cencuur? Zaten weldegelijk on topic berichten tussen over staking elastos etc. Heel dubieus dit. Alles wat blockchain wil zijn (geen bemoeienis of interference van 3de partijen) wordt hier zo'n beetje geschonden.Heel vreemd omdat er van mijn kant enkel met.nornale bewoordingen hier is.gesproken. Eng dit.

Upgrade Announcement:The Elastos node maintained by the Elastos Blockchain Development Team will be upgraded on July 23rd 2019, from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM UTC. During the upgrade, the Web Wallet will be suspended, but the functions of ELA Wallet will not be affected because it is an SPV Wallet.

The Elastos Blockchain Development Team has completed an upgrade for ELA Wallet. Version 1.0.1 has been released, and is now available for Android.ELA Wallet 1.0.1 contains the following changes:1. Fixed bugs2. Optimized Supernode profit presentation3. Added small change consolidation feature4. Optimized general interface and application background5. Optimized Supernode Election interface6. Added “About ELA Wallet” page Note: Please make sure to back up your wallet before installing this upgrade. Download link for Android Version: Version is in development. We will update our community as soon as it is ready for release.

Yesterday, the Elastos blockchain experienced an issue caused by the way DPoS consensus currently operates in regards to the handling of its transactional output. While the PoW mechanism of our consensus was completely functional, the DPoS nodes experienced an error that paused the signing of blocks. This pause was designed to prevent forking, and the integrity of our main chain remained intact as our developers swiftly addressed the issue with a new upgrade. For full transparency and communication, a more thorough analysis of the issue will be released to the public on the Elastos blog. In the meantime, we have asked that all node owners upgrade their ELA node to v0.3.6 as soon as they are able to. As many have already completed this upgrade, we expect our main chain to be fully operational soon. Once fully live, we will inform everyone in our community.Thank your for your patience and support.

Alle nieuwe Tai Bo instructors en dieet goeroes en koks en marvel films die hun content exclusief in dolby atmos 8k kunnen aanbieden wat middels de elastos blockchain niet te hacken/kopiëren is

🚨 Elatos Technical development - 27/8/19 🚨TRINITY ✅ Optimized Launcher's UI and user experience✅ Perfect Trinity Tool Chain✅ Fixed issue where sign_epk and verify_epk don't work on python3✅ Compile script to automatically download Elastos Hive SDK✅ Officially replace 14 plugins, switch from Trinity modified version to Cordova native version, solve problems of instantiation and isolation by Runtime✅ Upgrade the newly released SPV SDK (in progress)✅ Improvement and optimization of Hive Plugin//////////HIVEHive Native SDK:✅ Solve the bug that the storage backend (OneDrive/IPFS) creates a 0 byte file✅ Release the native SDK first version v0.5.0✅ The Hive SDK-based cloud disk virtual file system application hybrid (command line tool) is basically completed.Hive Java SDK:✅ Fix bug getting file attributes✅ Implement the Hive SDK-based Android file browser application, currently verify the IPFS backend, basic file/directory creation, and file uploadingHive Swift SDK:✅ Improve code and implementation logic, fix some bugs✅ Solve the bug of creating a new 0 byte file on the remote cloud disk (OneDrive/IPFS) and add the corresponding test case✅ Develop Hive Swift-based iOS browser application with reference to UI/UE for Android file browser application//////////DID✅ Improve the implementation of the complementary Native version//////////Carrier ✅ Fixed some bugs in Group Swift about group and released a new version of Carrier Swift v5.3.4✅ Carrier Android version master branch merges changes to the Message interface and newly submits test cases PR✅ Develop a simple Android Demo app for verifying offline messaging//////////PRODUCT GROUP ✅ Auxiliary ETH side chain node Mainnet deployment✅ SPV wallet original page bugfix, follow up v1.0.2 SPV wallet test and go online preparation✅ SPV wallet new feature design (external payment, security verification, etc.)✅ DPoS candidate list load balancing server matters follow up✅ Optimize and improve CR proposal business design✅ Complete the interaction design of the main chain browser, page error design✅ ela-cli supports the feasibility of side chain function and project progress follow-up✅ Discuss multi-sign multi-address derivation rules, currently two wallets will generate multi-signal addresses according to bip45 and web wallet rules respectively✅ Prepare relevant documentation for the missing blockchain related content on the dev website✅ Define the Elastos Schema specification✅ Understand the basic technical framework of Carrier, Hive, Trinity, project status and subsequent development content✅ Understand DID specifications, SDK development progress and subsequent development tasks, and discuss interface relationships such as DID-related main sidechains, CR elections, and CR websites.✅ Understand the progress of the Eco Application Group project and follow-up planning✅ combing a long-term unmaintained warehouse, communicating with each group, will handle 25 warehouses

Ff een vraagje: wat kost het (in ela) om een app te draaien op het netwerk. Zijn hier verschillen in per applicatie? Weet iemand hoe dit precies werkt?

Gebruik App op carrier kost niks via Trinity Webbrowser straks zover ik weet. Echter gebruik je blockchain en DID en andere services dan hele kleine ELA partjes. Als je exact wilt weten pols ff op mainchain laatste gang van zaken.

@Zigy196 ELA foundation heeft genoeg personeel. Ze werken heel georganiseerd. Blockchain team, Carrier team, run time team ,DX , dma, hiveTeam is groot en dan heb ik CR niet eens bijgeteld.

Elastos ging toch een geheel nieuw blockchain internet bouwen?

Hi all,Just passing by to share a quick update on the music proposal (approved by the CR).The live testing during the DDW is going really well and VR&AR views are being GPS tracked, it is just a pilot but important to show the industry that it works.The web-pilot is close to completion and the DID login + connecting views to payments on the Elastos blockchain are pretty much ready. We will open up the web-pilot to all ELA & blockchain fans very soon! Do not expect too much fancy content though, this really is about showcasing that it works and how it should work. Next phase would be live concerts, again open to all ELA-fans and beyond.Again, the web-pilot is meant for showcasing purposes as we are trying to get the industry and the community on-board at the same time. I have done most of my part, all 100% volunteering. I would like you to do your part and make sure everyone you know gets to test the platform using DID (Elephant wallet) 😊.

Is al jaren bekend dat China positief tegenover blockchain staat

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For anyone interested, here is my bio, as it pertains to my work at Elastos:Alex Shipp has been active in the digital space since 2017, serving as a writer and strategist in the areas of Technical Documentation and PR & Communications. Alex arrived at Elastos in October 2018, where he has since performed on behalf of both Elastos Foundation and Cyber Republic, contributing to major technical documentation and public announcements. In addition to his contributions to both organizations, Alex published Elastos' sic parvis magna, a comprehensive piece titled Elastos: Behind the Blockchain which follows the Elastos Foundation core team on a voyage through China's historic Qinghai region while detailing the historical context, technical foundation, and principled vision of the project. Alongside Elastos Co-Founder Feng Han and in association with the Manhattan Project Fund, Alex is also co-authoring The Era of Quantum Wealth, a book which draws on the emerging principles of quantum mechanics to present the rising landscape of digital assets and blockchain-based infrastructure - at its heart, Elastos - as an integral component in the advancement and preservation of human rights in the Digital Age. Already running the Quantum Wealth Supernode in Elastos' DPoS Consensus, Alex is excited and proud to serve the community as a leader in joining its third line of consensus in his role on the Cyber Republic Interim Council.

Hank Jones
Strategic marketing planning for Q1 when elastOS is ready for user growth. All efforts are still on developer growth today, but we are preparing in advance to shift towards users. DApps will play a big role in this too. We need applications people actually want to use, and share with others, because this is where you’ll begin to see adoption take place.

The moment I can upload my own made videos on a YouTube kinda app on elastos where I am the owner of the video which cannot be copied because of, the blockchain behind it and where I can decide to make 100 copies on the blockchain of that video, is the moment people realize what you can do with blockchain and data Ownership.Give me that app and elastos will be huge.

🐂 LavendELA = Quamfy 💜 IOT 🇳🇱
Weet nog niet zo zeker. Dit druist in waar Elastos voor staat.Zie ook niet direct een nut als dit zoveel risico's met zich meebrengt. Funding door CR zal ook lastig worden.

XRP druist in op alles waar crypto voor staat en toch bestaat het😂 Je zou een business model eromheen kunnen bouwen zodat je CR niet nodig hebt; maadelijks een ELA bedrag vragen om de dapp te kunnen gebruiken zoals ExpressVPN doet bijvoorbeeld maar dan met je bank/creditcard gegevens, uiteindelijk functioneerd de dapp als een vpn en kan de klant zelf kiezen welke blockchain node (locatie) hij of zij kiest.

Happy New Year! Seeing is believing in 2020 for Elastonians. We have gone a long way to get where we are now in two years and a half, 2020 will be critical for us to take the number one spot in market share in terms of active daily dApp users combined on the Elastos Smartweb, comparing to any blockchain project in the world. When I talk about dApps, I mean mobile apps that can’t be manipulated by websites. For the record, EF is building a Smartweb computer, CRC will be running it. It’s not a who’s taking over whom issue. Both should work in tandem toward a common goal in 2020, i.e., achieving the number one position in market share. Focus Pinky, focus!