Bota Florin
With mnemonic password?

Mnemonic password is another layer of security over your seeds, if you lose your mnemonic password or even get 1 letter wrong you wont be able to access the wallet, so if you do add that make sure you save it with your seeds

Bota Florin
Invalid master wallet

You made your wallet on web wallet without mnemonic password?

Even mnemonic checks out on android

its a password the encrypts the mnemonics

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Thanks for the $1k Scott. Very generous

Looking forward to seeing GodzELA creation from you. After just hearing eminems new song Godzilla and breaking the rap record for fastest lyrics.


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That's his style 😂

Pray tell, @Sunnyfenghan , what is this plan to go from a year long anemic flatline landing at 117 to top 5? love the story in the first paragraph. This film apparently inspired the horror film genre. Movie goers would return to the cinema only to run outside when the train arrived because it was so “realistic”at the time.
Dont give him the elastos is google line pls sir

Don't Act like Chico CryptoThis is harmful for us !Instead of bring developers all together You are sounds like sticking enemy sticker for who had worked for them one day !

by privatekeys do you mean 12 word mnemonic?

Crc is no ones enemy, if anything they are peace keepers

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Chill Muhammad

not his faultfight the traitors not the enemies

protip, use glowes when you setup the seed words on metal mnemonics

Marko ovdje nema kruha, bjezi dalje

The Drifter
In Android I just updated the listing to more countries. Except China it should be available everywhere. Please check back later. I will also post a update here.

I just created three vaults sir. If I delete the app and install it again and then backup the old account with the 12 mnemonics will there be any problems?

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Is there a way to include older Elastos wallets for importing. It doesn’t recognise my old elephant wallet mnemonic? Love the app though!

The Drifter
You mean to import account?. No. Only the mnemonic phrases for Elastos Ethereum Sidechain can be imported.

Is it possible to attach an elaeth sidechain to an old Ela wallet, so I can import using my old mnemonic?

The Drifter
I am not sure about the possibility of this. If this is possible then we can actually build the whole devault on Elastos as frontfacing platform and ELAETH sidechain can run on background. Will dig more on this.

I actually found a way to do it. I straight imported my original mnemonic into the ela sidechain wallet on loy token wallet and it created a new ela sidechain for my old school Ela mnemonic👍 then I imported into devault and it worked👍

Devault works a little slowly...But it works!I have created my first vault.One mnemonic phrase to rule them all 😀


"Jon snow" + "J not sure" consider me as a enemy I can't join to the group ! Lol

Matt ET 🇺🇸
Adem thanks for your efforts on this. These integrations are for apps that do not live in elastOS browser, correct? And just so I understand practical implications, Say I had a simple sports betting dapp, how would users go about connecting their ELA wallet in the app? Inputting Mneumonics or what? Also, in the case of the sports betting dapp or others, what would be the value add for carrier for apps that live outside of elastOS, just data privacy?

Correct, developers can build native apps with React Native and Elastos Unity is specially made for RN developers. You can install any Elastos Unity package (Carrier or Wallet) to existing apps. To take your example, there is a ImportWallet function on the wallet package that does exactly what you meant (using the mnemonic). It's then up to the dev to take care of the storage of the mnemonic. Regarding the Carrier, you can think of "hybrid" apps using both the Carrier and normal network connections (btw, you don't have to install both the Carrier and Wallet with Unity, you can pick the one you need)

T I 🇿🇦
Just restore elephant seeds in ela mobile wallet and select single address wallet when you do so

it's possible to just hold funds in elephant wallet and import it using mnemonics to ela wallet for voting right?

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Not earning ELA 😂

imagine they are 2018 rekters that threw away their private keys (and mnemonics) and that's essentially 65% burned

I guess the right recepie is to keep reaching devs and trust that some % of them will have a look. Also the current situation brings lots of challenges as people worry about more important things, however if unemployment goes up, there may be more people interesting to find new sources of income and Elastos/Cyberrepublic could be one solution.

No confinement in Finland yet?

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Ive been thinking if Id buy one but then again, I got 34" monitor. Obv it's not the same experience than watch some 4k high quality content from big screen sitting in comfy cinema chair but the content Id be watching would most likely not change.