nowhere close to easy

Clarence Liu
how do we decide who should be funded and what should be burned? The rest of it? Who's making the forecasts?

There are some projects that were promised to be paid half before and half after the elections. Right?

no clue, that'd surprise me

CR Interim wants nothing to do with ongoing projects

Not all the projects that were accepted by the interim council got 100% of the budget

if you read the latest council meetings, Yipeng is strongly against any proposals that extend into CRC

those may be small and currently running things

like the CR Herald, community management etc

last month we get about 50% of the usd value we asked

I agree. I think the main things to help address the situation will be to bring inflation down and scale back CRC unlock functions from 30 years, down to something like 15 years. Whether that involves burning or compounding funds I'm not sure. My 2 cents

larger things like legal, development won't be funded till CRC

if we ask $8.5k, we get $5k in reality

while we accept that, try to make people from the outside to accept that

Ex Shepherd
Then ask 13k 😂

we are constantly pressured to cut cut cut our budget so I think going higher is not the right call here :D

Don't worry when ela will be worth 200$ you'll be rich. I was told this so many times

Time to pass it on haha

I think there has been 1-2 months when we actually got more than asked the past 1.5 years or so

Forget about YiPeng. What about Feng?

If Alex and Zhang agree we don't need to know what YiPeng thinks

Feng from interim council has been easier to reach, more open for discussions and seem to understand better the differencies between our cultures.

Is he in this group?

not sure actually but definitely easier to get in touch through wechat

Alex from interim council can also deliver community feedback etc so he has been a big help.

the larger exchange fund may be a CRC thing though

𝓐𝓱𝓶𝓮𝓭 𝓢𝓱𝓪𝔀𝓴𝔂
Thanks for explanation man

Everything is very unpredictable at this stage. If Bitcoin climbs this year it will take ETH with it. My best advice would probably be buy ELA at this price. Then If you can multiply it in the next 6 months before a major bull run. You could buy eth later in the year. It’s up to you. I’m keeping mine in ELA

Time to sleep, good night all kind sirs!

Ex Shepherd
No financial advice sir

These aren’t the droids you are looking for 👋🏼

I bought at all time high

And all time low

Still losing money

Everytime is a bad time to buy

But you can stake even if you have only 1 ela

I am giving up on crypto

Going to sell everything