What happened to Titan and Wefilm chain.

Thsts a good way of burning em

Yeah let’s get on binance. Kraken. Poloniex. Bittrex and Okex.

All this talk of 4k video streaming.

Hive hyper and iOS.

We need money to onboard other projects.

I support burn ,It doesn't need so much ELA for ecological construction.

With this in mind you would do great damage to the Elastos ecosystem and the vision of the super nodes should be to go together along the way to collaborate with Elastos's success. Therefore I will withdraw my votes from your node.

Can someone tell me the latest with hyper please?

that was 3 days ago... so fingers crossed we have an update over the coming days into next week as well

All this talk is going to panic the price.

We’re due for a pull back but there’s no liquidity. Please don’t crash the price.

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Clarence Liu
Pretty sure Elastos is dead without marketing for another year

This is a pretty big statement. But I understand I think. Everything is getting built on the major chains. Doesn’t Elastos have a few tricks up it’s sleeve?What about WefilmChain and Titan and Leo.

I have to admit I’m not liking the sentiment lately. Rong it seems is just going to depart after EF is finished and not be involved in any leadership. This is a bit of a worry.

I think the community wanting to protect the future of Elastos is a good thing

There’s no love for Elastos because there hasn’t been any exchange listings for investors.

Having these discussions is healthy for the long term. It has been civil and constructive.

People have been asking for exchanges for 18 months and getting nowhere. Angel investors got in at $1. Ico was $17. People are so over it.

It’s just an embarrassment unless it’s a major exchange.

The CRC needs to have the opportunity to prove it can bring the desired growth. With no funds, its just not possible.

I think we could burn 5 million.

To me, a decision like burning tokens before even receiving them is too premature.

Yeah the discussion needs to be fleshed our 100%

Next year.

I definitely think we can make a more sound decision in my opinion in the second term of the CRC.

Tyro lee

Wow! Is this for real? Why does he still have admin status? He’s talking about destroying all fund that is to be used for Elastos growth.

It’s just an embarrassment unless it’s a major exchange.

Go check CMC for a coin EKTBasically had 90% trading vol from Huobi alone and on no real other exchangesIt hit rank 44 (6th Oct 2019)$136mWe can still go up ranks even being on basically Huobi

Just now, while cancelling my votes for Witzer SN I noticed that Mr. Clarence runs his own node. My bad that I discovered it so late, anyway please dont let him be in 54th place and upvote him. If he doesnt deserve to be in top 24, who else does?


Is it possible to store ELA on nano ledger? thanks

It is already on ledger but can be used only on developer mode. Once we get a small facelift for ledger supported wallet, ledger will then add it as official app.

my secret is i only drink bottled water

my secret is i only drink bottled water

Many have fooled me with filling that water bottle with Vodka.

Now more than ever we really need @ChenRong to restore some faith in this project.

This is why centralized authority figures are good.

E Crypto
R u one of'em?

is that a question or you just want free vodka?