We are responsible for 1) marketing 2) dApp development 3) community development 4) liquidity development 5) sponsorship and events attending ? How many other items? Loads to think about

The past two years have proven that CR can only be a loose organization, engaging in activities and small incentives, and a little extra funding is enough.

Yes, I think their argument is that it will stimulate a short term price rise that would attract big Chinese whales to invest

Not spending money isn’t the problem, getting an ROI is the problem

This is a circular argument. You can’t reason with someone that is only concerned with immediate price.

I didn't look at it, I saw it for two years.

2018 we still had fayli as cmo.

Kinda sounds like somebody hasn’t told their wife how much they invested. Just ride the ride or let it go.

Translation for everyone else in chat:"I am a member of the Chinese community. My name is Li Daichen and I am very familiar with the ideas of the Chinese community. The Chinese community is relatively large and the base is large. Most of them belong to the nature of hype. Of course, there are many long-term investments. Foreign countries pay more attention to technology and long-term investment. In terms of quality, it is clear that foreign countries are much larger than the Chinese community, but the Chinese market cannot be abandoned because of the short-sightedness of the Chinese community. There are huge players in China. In addition to the value of technology development, the value of circulation must be considered. The destruction of HPB is the Chinese community. Proposed many times, the team was under pressure and took out an investigation to show that the company attaches importance to the voice of the community. The greater meaning of destruction comes from expectations for the future. The price rises and the revenue of the node will increase. We will get more dispersed. The global nodes and fierce election of nodes are also part of the marketing. HPB burning may be short-sighted for long-term investors, but it is attractive to players in China ’s hype. Each community has its own irreplaceable advantages. Everyone Has its own value, the community needs everyone's participation, because it is irreplaceable The community needs television flourishing, the team needs to listen to the voices of all people, would be happy to work with you: Let the core chain to become king of the public chain."

Sorry spam but gives idea their thinking

Talk to me all day long about dreams without telling me what to eat today.

It sounds like the chinese community is desperate which is understandable

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ELI5 about this burn?

David Ramskill
Confetti style

David is our event coordinator. Just look for the guy with the clipboard and the white claw.

If people are paying attention you can also see the difference in approach from the teams that were part of the EF and being funded to build to the current situation where they are now supporting themselves

The ones that are embracing the challenges happen to be Tuum and Hyper

Talk to me all day long about dreams without telling me what to eat today.

@Sunnyfenghan once said “community community community”You sir want to destroy it with this burning

Dodgy Dougie
@Sunnyfenghan once said “community community community”You sir want to destroy it with this burning

This years theme is "marketshare,marketshare, marketshare"We all get free hats with cute lil ears

I would be in favor of burning tokens. But not all. Maybe after this first year. We need money for exchanges.