Im 4th member to join this group

How many admins?

Im so happy to be here early.

Amazing. I think we need to get a bonus!

great to have u all

When is the ICO?

I wanted to be a part of this amazing project.

No. Just watched videos on it.

ok. will be listed soon,btc holders could have airdroup

Where will it be listed?

Was there an ico previously?

no ico ,china ban ico

So you will just list coin o exchange and raise funding from there?

Is the 1st of december a confirmed date?

we have earlier fund community,the price is 1btc =1000ela coin ,back to late Aug,2017

What price will it be when first listed?

Really excited to chat with you guys

What are your roles in the elastos team?

I really enjoyed the elastos paper from a computer science perspective. Do you have more information like that?

Im reading it now.

Are you, by any chance, recruiting in the community relations department?

Will the Elastos token ELA token b3 an NEP5 token on NEO?

Or is elastos releasing it's own blockchain?