When will hive++ ready.. As well as carrier?

Hello. Is the online web wallet still working?

Trying to get into my wallet, but can't seem to restore my backup 😭

If this new exchange happen to be binnace it will will be great move for elastos, that guy is buying big things in crypto. We need to be smart at this stage.

Just checking in to lm et me ELA Family Know that I love Love Love You all 💝💚💛🧡💔💖💕💞

https://twitter.com/chen2rong2/status/1290354809426423808?s=20What competition is he mentioning about?

3 out of 4 years completing

T I 🇿🇦
new internet competition

3 out of 4 y for development or? Curious to learn what Rong meant with that 🤔

Since EF goes away next year Aug

T I 🇿🇦
Since EF goes away next year Aug

This question might have been asked earlier but I wanted to know what would rong do after aug 21?

vitaloshi hoskinson
This question might have been asked earlier but I wanted to know what would rong do after aug 21?

3) Once CR elections are completed I am curious what Rong Chen’s plans are for his involvement in Elastos?Rong Chen: Until end of 2021, I will be fully committed to supporting the Elastos Foundation’s network of decentralized teams as they collectively build out the first workable rendition of Elastos’ core infrastructure. Of course, the next-generation internet will never be complete, as its development will be a perpetual, adaptive process as the Elastos community expands and evolves. For now, I am focused on my role as a mentor and advisor to forward-thinking software engineers who are heading the Elastos Foundation’s teams. As I live in a very focused way – and in a space that is constantly evolving and extremely volatile – I do not have concrete plans as to where my journey will take me two or three years out. I do want to be involved in the development of the Smartweb, as it has been a vision I have dedicated the majority of my life to in one way or another. However, I do not believe my role to be that of a CEO-type, a crowd-facing figurehead, or an idol of any kind; I prefer to remain in the backdrop, advising and supporting the efforts of those who are developing emerging technology at the infrastructural level. I was once in their shoes as a developer at Microsoft, and I believe my perspective and life experience are the most valuable assets I can provide at this stage in my life.

"As a result of the recent Court of Justice of the European Union ruling on data transfers, invalidating the Privacy Shield, Google will be moving to Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) for transfers of online advertising and measurement personal data out of the Europe Economic Area, Switzerland and the UK." is it a big news?

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I am inlove with Elastos, the vision/movement, I want to be part of it and I will

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Hi, since the 9th of June my ELA wallet isn't connecting anymore and so the dpos gains are not shown. The ID chain connects easily and syncs quickly. Somone else this problem? I tried a second phone, same problem, app is updated.

if you're on iOS, a new versionw as released today