Rather I would love if the tech team comes up with something for Rasperry Pi4

I will share all the binaries so that people could buy an RPi themselves and run the different services

buying direclty an Elabox will have other advantages such as warranty and long term support

Oh man! You are making me mad!

but a DIY solution will also be available!

My votes for you👍👌

Good morning ☀️ elastos dudes

When is Academy game finished?

may 31th - 10am cst

Don't forget to prepare your Ela guys, and be ready to place your order

First come, first serve

Adem Bilican |
awesome 🙂

Do i get a commission for marketing your elabox, Adem? 😅

hahah, just kidding. happy to help

My guess is not that fast. :)

when do you share the data? :)

I'll start with the website in June and open for pre-orders and then I'll focus on making the technical part clean and ready to share 😉

Give Adem some credit first by buying the elabox, before he spills all the secret sauces. ✌️

Elastos should have something like tiktok social media app :D

Adem Bilican |
Cool, happy to make you mad then 😄

hey adem, where can i read information about this ela box, and is it possible to rent storage like personal cloud storage but secured with elastos, sorry bad english