Hi guys! elastos foundation is looking for teams that can help with running/growing social media platforms, that includes: Reddit, Slack, Twitter, Facebook page and groups, Telegram and Medium. I thought it's a good opportunity that community volunteers can contribute as well, and they can potentially reward ELA or bitcoin tokents, if you are interested please let me know so I can help you connect the team.

I think they will announce the kyc for us to register and then collect neo or bitcoin

I think you can get 800 ela with one bitcoin

Neon wallet doesnt support holding bitcoin

应该组织下大家 在 bitcointalk挂亦来云签名···推广推广


【陈榕点评】昨晚(2018.5.19)在伦敦南岸大学讲座,反响不错,有位老外听课笔记: So, what did I learn? Here’s a top 11 (in the wrong order probably - I like number 8). 1. “The network is the computer.” 2. “Currently, an OS only runs one machine.” “Whereas, WeChat is running 500 million VM’s simultaneously.” 3. “Blockchain is a specialist computer running an autonomous ledger”. 4. “The best feature of the internet is that it’s decentralised. The worst design feature of the internet is that it’s decentralised”. 5. The internet is not a safe place. Any third party operator can intercept or hijack information that passes between two devices through a relay (operator). Therefore, the operator needs to be autonomous. The only way to prevent DDOS attack’s is to handle the cloud and device at the same time. 6. No one individual owns their digital identity or digital assets. These are actually owned by cartels (Facebook / Google / MS etc). Therefore you can’t yet sell or trade digital assets that you think you own (e-book / video etc). 7. Rong Chen is an engineer. Engineers don’t build waste fully, they build for efficiency - and they don’t over-engineer. Good enough, is good enough. Keep it simple = Bitcoin is perfect for doing what a blockchain needs to do for Elastos (issue IDs). 8. Microsoft announced two weeks ago that it’s disbanding it’s Windows team. Windows 10 will not be reversioned. There will be no Windows 11 as you can’t have versions on network computing using universal apps. > Thus Elastos is E LAST OS. 9. Elastos has just hired a lead Developer Community in USA with over 20 yrs experience. Hiring other team members now to help write code and prose. 10. Elastos coming back to Europe in June (Amsterdam) to show what’s being developed. 11. Four pillars of Elastos: - Identity - Carrier - OS - Side chains running smart contracts. I think I’ve got this right - please help me correct anything that I’ve interpreted poorly. Thanks, Chris.

是不是应该买Facebook, Twitter 的股票哪。跌了20%,Bitcoin的市值都跌进去了。

Hi guys, please anyone knows best Chinese market to buy and sell Bitcoin? "Peer too peer exchange"

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亦来云晨报,早上好! 2018年12月4日 星期二【1】大咖齐聚!亦来云长沙展会圆满结束【2】亦来云Kevin 熊市谈信仰 (1) --社区治理挺纠结【3】亦来云主网节点升级公告【4】深入浅出理解亦来云 亦来币的使用场景——欢迎关注:亦来云微博:电报群:

Wut can you tell about news at bitcoinnews?

Earlier bitcoiners. Getting into Elastos. Early Bitcoin Maximalist from 2014 says, he hate altcoins. Elastos is the only altcoin he bought few days back. Elastos is in early early face guys.