Some #data about #blockchain and #cryptocurrency from #China that blow me away. China has 8,500 cryptocurrency exchanges currently operating. 50,000 media sources for blockchain & cryptocurrencies 2,000 mining manufacturing facilities 600 mining pools #HybridSummit2018

SaRoshi | 🇦🇺
FYI people - just got approval - City of Melbourne is now on board as a sponsor for the Elastos event in September :D

Top work, that’s unreal. Have you thought about reaching out to Nugget from Nuggets News and Beau from Cryptocurrency Australia to attend? Pretty sure they’ve got the largest crypto YouTube channels in AUS
Well , isn’t coinbase insured for up to 100k in case of hack ?Was a few months back now idk.That’s pretty solid.
Independent Reserve (in Australia), has started offering insurance cover to its clients