So this thing is the biggest no-brainer in crypto isn't it? It's got to 10x in the next 12 months at least doesn't it? Once the dapps start rolling out and merged mining with bitcoin it's gotta end up in the top 10. It could end up being number 2 next to bitcoin in the next 5 years i reckon. All-fucking-in.

A guy from Mt Druitt made 20mill from bitcoin

Elastos is something else. Man when the dapps start rolling out, and merged mining with bitcoin, watch this thing go in a bull market

Assume nobody can mention price on here ?, obviously I realise its crypto and anything can happen but what do you think when you watch a toutuber predicting $10000 each in 3 years lol, ofcourse no doubt depends on Bitcoin

Yes I was building my cardano bags too and then switched to this one.. my main ones are cardano. Wanchain. Pundix. Dent. Ripple (don’t hate me). Bitcoin of course and linda
ELA sued by "scammers" mis-using the legal system to undo their loss and avoiding taking responsibility for their own FOMO during the Bull market at the expense of other investors who are still HODLing:, Rong should move all the Elastos Foundation funds + team to Cyber Republic as a decentralised un-sue-able development community, and shut down the Elastos foundation as a solution to secure the funds from those "scammers" trying to undo their own mistake at the expense of a whole community? :X

#Bitcoin UpdateWell, Everything is going same as what we told you guys. When it was around 3500$, We told you guys that we will hits 3800-4100$ in coming days. And here we goes, We're Now almost there. As of Now, We're moving sideways around 3900$. We don't seeing any reason to become FOMO or even bear for now. We can say #BTC still has more fuel to go and we're expecting another leg up in coming days. May see some retracements before it.But We're Moving up means Did We bottomed out already??Well, We still stands with the same words that bottom is not yet come for #BTC. But yes as we told that it's high likely that we will hit the bottom in first half of 2019 and still expecting the same. So just enjoy the bulls for now. By the end of the march, We will get the clear direction that where we're going and we will update you guys as soon as we get the direction.

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Looks like stock market is finally dlt rollout. Crypto and stock market officially have a bridge similar to nasdaq and the nyse, except dlt (code) is the protocol layer which will help decentralization leap to new boundaries. Meaning a new token is born in the stock market. Today is a very special day next to bitcoin inception or any major crypto join venture incubator firm