Welcome to the Elastos Australia Telegram group! We’re a group of enthusiasts, investors, developers and partners who believe in the technology being built by Elastos Foundation. Our goal is to gather and invite more people into a vibrant and knowledgable community that helps to spread awareness and knowledge of the Elastos ecosystem and how it can help businesses and individuals manage their data, build usable dApps and create digital wealth online. We will do this through the scheduling of regular meetups with the support of the Elastos Foundation, where topics of interest can be discussed, updates shared and dApp developers can network and share their work. Please support us by inviting more people into this group that you know are invested or interested in dApp development on the blockchain. More information on rewards for helping here: https://github.com/elastos/Elastos.Community/blob/master/ElastosBountyProgram/README.md Upcoming Elastos Australia Events: Melbourne 14/08/18: https://www.meetup.com/en-AU/Elastos-Melbourne/ Sydney: TBA Brisbane: TBA —— ADMINS @RGhadamian (Enthusiast) @Fayneveraskforpayment (Elastos CMO) —— COMMUNITY RULES: ✔️ English only ✔️ No promotions ✔️ Focus on ELA ✔️ No bad mouthing ✔️ If you get a warnings, respect them ✔️ Add value to discussion ✔️ Share relevant news ——

Cheers Rosh, thanks for taking the initiative to start growing the Australian community. Glad to be a part of it :)

I came across ELA via Blockchain Brad's videos, looked into it a bit more and became enamoured by their vision :)

I'm based in Sydney, how about yourself?

There you go @BlockchainBrad

Rosh, see if you can get the Aussie telegram group to be added to the pinned message in the main Elastos group

Get a bit more exposure

I’m based in Melbs 😉 what do you do for a living?

SaRoshi | 🇦🇺
I’m based in Melbs 😉 what do you do for a living?

Awesome, I'll be making my way down to Melbs soon most likely end of this month. Let's tee something up

Right now I'm pretty much semi-retired, taking a break to focus on my health/fitness

Do we really only have 3 people from Australia?

Hi Fay, we have a lot more just need to get them in this group :)

Let me ask our moderator

@BlockchainBrad is THE man!!!! Huge fan.

Fay Li is Australian?! ;)

Are Kiwis allowed in here, you Aussie pricks? 😘

This is Elastos, not Elistis

Ey bru you got any of thet Elistis?

Nah gammin, welcome brother ❤

Lol. I've got my bags full as bro. Nek minute - moon.

In all seriousness, I bet the Elastos community is tiny in NZ. You guys come across many Aussies in the know about elastos?

Nah this might be all of us. Should make it a Aussie / Kiwi channel

Sounds good.

So have you guys reached your accumulation goals? I guess ELA is the king of project where it just never feels like you've quite got enough. I first bought in at $75 and bought all the way down to $25. Made my most recent buy at $40. My DCA is now $45, so I'm currently in the green so pretty happy.

Amazing guys! So glad to see you all here 😊

I’ve got too much ELA if that makes any sense, my DCA is around $60, waiting to see what happens with NEX first 😣

Welcome @Beemoz @cryptofinderz @prekas @HashPWRofficial @Ja2680 @FreeJust88 @onurekinci @PranYoganathan Sabih @Beemoz @SafatoshiNakamoto @Mr_Tman

Too much ELA? Not sure if that's possible haha

Let’s keep trying to build the community out further. Please invite all ELA peeps from Aus (& NZ mates)

hello very small Aussie ELA community

hello very small Aussie ELA community

It’s up to us to grow it, we’re one day old 😉 where are you guys based @PranYoganathan @HashPWRofficial and what do you guys do for a living?

Cool guys! What excites you most about Elastos?