He scammed my 1 BITCOIN!!!!!’nnnnbbbbn!!!!!

Alert! Amit fauzan is a known spammer and is CAS banned. Ban is strongly recommended.

Message from Amit fauzan deleted. Reason: new user and external link (?)

Message from Настасья deleted. Reason: external link (?)

Хочу убежать из России, больше не могу тут жить, готова на любые условия, ищу порядочного мужчину, есть виза шенген! Помогите пожалуйста!!!? Пишите мне в ЛС!

Aussie, aussie, aussie

Good morning. My magic word if Ela makes top 10. "DECOUPLE"

For the SE-Queenslanders. Hope to see the local Elastos community. It has been a minute!

I'm starting to get spams from this groups. Heads up for admins.

Like this user for example.

Thanks for bringing that up Alex. I've received random msgs from people I don't know as well. I ignored them and they went away.

I'll look into this and see what could be done.